Our Security Program

Here is an overview of the measures we take to provide a secure experience on Zygon for you and your team.

SaaS Security Program

Least-privilege principle applied to requested data

Minimal scope for requested data (email headers), processing only.

Data encryption

Your data is always encrypted at rest, using AES-256 encryption.

Your data is also encrypted in transit to and from our platform, with TLS 1.3.

Secure authentication by design

Our application only allows Google SSO and Microsoft SSO as authentication methods.

Secure infrastructure

Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS in EU leveraging its most trusted services.

Native security culture

We strive to be what we expect from the rest of the market: strong security culture and awareness, secure coding practices, bug bounty policy, vulnerability scanning, and we are currently working towards our SOC 2 compliance.

Trust Report coming soon

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