Stoïk selected Zygon to get control over their SaaS stack.

Founded in 2021, Stoïk ( is the first MGA in Europe to empower brokers by providing their clients with insurance policies and protection against cyber risks. Stoïk was born out of realizing the heightened vulnerability that small and mid-sized companies face from cyber risks, and the devastating impact these can cause. To support its European expansion, Stoïk raised funds from four prestigious VCs, including Munich Re Ventures, which led the round, as well as the Opera Tech Ventures fund and its historical investors Andreessen Horowitz and Alven.

As the CTO of a cyber insurance business, I recognize the critical importance of implementing state-of-the-art security practices. Being a cloud-native organization, we require comprehensive visibility into our SaaS stack. This enables us to identify and mitigate the risks associated with potentially hazardous SaaS applications while eliminating unnecessary duplicate SaaS tools to streamline our operations. We must practice what we preach and set an example in terms of internal security. This commitment to security is not only a responsibility but also a competitive advantage that sets our company apart in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks and threats." Nicolas Sayer, CTO.

With Zygon’s robust security features, Stoïk strengthens its security posture. They also prioritize the simplicity of orchestrating SaaS-related security processes, especially when offboarding contractors or employees. It ensures that sensitive information remains protected even as personnel changes occur. By maintaining efficient offboarding processes, Stoïk minimizes the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

About Zygon

Zygon is the automated solution to manage companies’ security at the scale of SaaS. With Zygon, IT and security teams can regain control over their SaaS stack by discovering all the applications used by collaborators, and automating a set of core security rules for safe SaaS usage.

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"Zygon is going to improve our overall security posture by inventorying and controlling 90% of SaaS that usually remain uncovered by Security Teams."
Arnaud, CISO,  Large Global Group

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