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Zygon is a SaaS Security solution that builds on top of Google Workspace security best practices.

Googl Workspace SaaS Security

One platform to control all app accounts.

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Automatically build your application inventory

Zygon allows you to inventory and reference all SaaS applications connected to your Google Workspace: number of accounts opened, OAuth tokens, first usage, etc. Our SaaS Security solution provide the necessary visibility, documentation, and evidence collection capabilities to support compliance audits like SOC2 and ISO.

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Granular permissions review and management

Granular permissions review and management

For each SaaS applications, review and revoke permissions granted by your collaborators: minimize risks associated with third-party application and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

Shine a light on Shadow IT

In addition to accounts relying on Google OAuth tokens, Zygon provides organizations with a full view of SaaS applications opened by your collaborators. This expanded visibility allows your team to identify new SaaS and  remediate misconfigurations, weak access controls, or other security gaps that can increase the attack surface.

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Offboarding and account suspsenion

Complete offboarding triggered from account suspension

Offboard your departing employees from all their SaaS applications, whether they are connected to Google or not. Identify and disable the accounts associated with the departing employee, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. From your existing offboarding workflows, Zygon streamlines the removal of user access, reducing the potential for data breaches or insider threats.

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