Zygon raises $3M in seed funding to create security solutions for the SaaS era

Founded by three French American experts in data protection and AI, Zygon comes out of stealth mode to release an automated solution to manage companies’ security posture at the scale of SaaS.

PARIS, FRANCE (Press Release) — Zygon, the cybersecurity solution for protecting enterprises from the risks brought by the uncontrolled spread of Software-as-a-Service applications among their teams, today announced a $3M seed round and the public release of their solution. The fully subscribed round was led by Axeleo Capital, and includes Kima Ventures as well as multiple world-class cybersecurity angel investors.

“The security implications of the SaaS sprawl we see today in the modern enterprise are a challenge we are eager to see answers to.” said Brice Lapouble, Investment Director at Axeleo Capital. “We have helped many founders pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity over the years. We are excited to now partner with Zygon’s talented and experienced management team.”

“Over the last decade, teams across companies have rushed to adopt hundreds of SaaS applications, pushing the relationship between business teams and security teams to an almost breaking point.” said Thomas Lejars, Cofounder and CEO for Zygon. “We are proud to pioneer a solution that is opening a $10B+ market by rekindling the collaboration between teams on cybersecurity issues.”

Over the past year, the company has developed a SaaS Security Posture Management solution built for the scale of SaaS sprawl with which Security teams can discover, inventory, and automate security rules for all the applications used by collaborators across their organization. Today, Zygon is coming out of beta with a full set of security automations: app discovery and app inventory building, application admin takeover, collaborator offboarding, upgrade of authentication methods, and more. With the $3M seed funding, Zygon will bring its product to a wider audience of enterprises who struggle to scale their security model at the pace of the SaaS sprawl.

“Zygon technology meets the requirements of modern tech companies that are mostly equipped with SaaS.” said Germain Bourgeois, CEO of Delpha, an early beta-tester of Zygon. “They protect us from both external hacking and insider threats. The implementation took literally less than 5 minutes”.

“Security and IT teams are exhausted. They spend weeks cataloging and vetting yet another new set of SaaS applications, only for them to be forgotten on a static spreadsheet somewhere on their Google Drive.” said Kevin Smouts, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer for Zygon. “We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback of users during the beta phase. With Zygon, they automated these repetitive tasks and moved directly to the next phase of guiding business users towards a more secure usage of the applications they love, at scale.”

Zygon’s founding team first met in Silicon Valley where they shared the same belief that Artificial Intelligence and collaboration could solve for the colossal security challenge that was arising from the SaaS era.

“The multiplication of SaaS usage makes it virtually impossible for IT teams to meet the ever higher demands for security. Alone they will fail.” said Baptiste Manson, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer for Zygon, Apple alumni, veteran in building machine-learning applications. “We assembled a Bletchley Park engineering team with unique talents in cybersecurity, data analysis and product design to crack this David-versus-Goliath challenge. Our solution is deceptively simple to use, crafted to fit right in our customers’ trenches.”

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Zygon is the automated solution to manage companies’ security at the scale of SaaS. With Zygon, security teams can get back in control over their SaaS stack by discovering all the applications used by collaborators across their organization, and automating a set of core security rules for safe SaaS usage.

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Axeleo Capital (AXC) is an emerging independent early-stage VC, trusted and backed by entrepreneurs across Europe. With €150 million in assets under management (AuM), 3 successful fund raises so far and 13 employees, the firm has made over 65 investments across the EU, and has achieved 15 successful exits within the past 24 months.

AXC provides a unique framework for European early stage startups. It offers a comprehensive range of support, including equity investments from seed to Series B stages, operational guidance and strategic assistance. The firm boasts an active ecosystem of more than 150 high-level partners, sector experts and mentors who have been instrumental in numerous success stories across Europe and the US. AXC focuses on 3 specific industry verticals where it has a deep knowledge: i) B2B Software (incl. cybersecurity, B2B FinTech, IA, data, SaaS) ii) PropTech & Construction Tech iii) GreenTech (incl. Chemicals and Materials, Energy, Agriculture & Food and Mobility)

For more information: https://www.axc.vc


Kima is the most active business angel in the world. Kima invest 150k one off tickets in 100 new deals per year. Any stage, deal size & sector.

Learn more: https://www.kimaventures.com/


Delpha is an end-to-end Saleforce data quality solution that deploys advanced AI to provide accurate and reliable data for better revenue.

Learn more: www.delpha.io

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"Zygon is going to improve our overall security posture by inventorying and controlling 90% of SaaS that usually remain uncovered by Security Teams."
Arnaud, CISO,  Large Global Group

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