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"Zygon is going to improve our overall security posture by inventorying and controlling 90% of SaaS that usually remain uncovered by Security Teams."
Arnaud, CISO,  Large Global Group

Collaborator Offboarding

Employee Offboarding

When an employee leaves an organization, SaaS Security Posture Management ensures that their access to SaaS applications is promptly revoked. It helps identify and disable the accounts associated with the departing employee, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. By automating the offboarding process and providing centralized visibility, Zygon streamlines the removal of user access, reducing the potential for data breaches or insider threats.

Eliminating Shared Accounts

SaaS Security Posture Management identifies shared accounts used across the organization, which can be a significant security risk. Shared accounts make it difficult to attribute actions to specific individuals and increase the likelihood of unauthorized access. This enhances accountability, improves access control, and strengthens security posture.

Addressing Accounts Used with Personal Emails

SaaS Security Posture Management identify instances where employees use personal email addresses for SaaS application accounts, which can pose security and compliance risks. These accounts may bypass organization-controlled authentication and security measures, potentially exposing sensitive data to unauthorized access.

Cataloging Authentication Methods

SaaS Security Posture Management should help catalog and manage authentication methods for all SaaS applications used within the organization. It provides visibility into the authentication mechanisms employed by each application, such as SSO, MFA, or other forms of authentication. This cataloging enables organizations to assess the security level provided by each application's authentication method and identify any gaps or inconsistencies

SaaS Security Control Center

SaaS Security Control Center

Zygon serves as a centralized hub for seamless integration and management of all aspects pertaining to SaaS security
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