Platform overview

Automation and collaboration where you need it

Free yourself from your spreadsheets, manual access reviews, and time-consuming outreach to your end-users. With Zygon we automate the part that should happen in the background, while you focus on the key actions that needs to be taken.

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One platform to control all app accounts.

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Key features

We built Zygon to support your team across a wide range of IT and Security use cases.

Accounts Detected
Apps Instances
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Automatic account discovery

Zygon automatically builds a complete list of every app employees are using—whether they authenticate with email or SSO. Never get surprised by shadow IT again, and stop spending time maintaining a manual list of used apps.

Automatic account discovery
Flexible inventory Management

Powerful yet flexible inventory management

Easily surface any app information that is relevant to your organization and policies with our flexible labeling system, filters and custom views. Always know what’s important right now and what can wait.

Fully customizable workflows

Automate all your IT or Security tasks on top of your app inventory: get the right people alerted on the insights you discover with Zygon, trigger actions,  end-user notifications and even cross-system synchronization.

Customizable Security Workflow
Collaborative Workflows

Engage your end-users with our collaborative workflows

Prioritize and manage a complete list of every task you need done in order to maintain SaaS security: effectively delegate app management, request usage justification, provide a simple interface for users to request new accounts. All of this directly in the collaboration tools your employees are using every day. Stop overloading your team with tasks that should belong to other people.

Build your complete apps inventory with Zygon.

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