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Automatic account discovery

Zygon automatically builds a complete list of every app employees are using—whether they authenticate with email or SSO. Never get surprised by shadow IT again, and stop spending time maintaining a manual list of used apps.

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Exhaustive information about discovered SaaS

Zygon saves you time and helps you decide quickly what to do with discovered SaaS by surfacing key information, such as: number of users, available methods of authentication, share of users using SSO, and so on.

Support for internal apps and guest users

You should not have to maintain an additional spreadsheet to manage access of non-public apps. We built Zygon so that you can declare and manage any application with the same tools and features as your SaaS applications. Based on the same flexibility philosophy, Zygon allows you can gain visibility and track accounts of external users even outside of your IdP.

Zygon support internal apps
Organize SaaS inventory

Organize your inventory your way

We recommend processes and best practices to follow, but we understand not all organizations are the same, especially in different industries. This is why Zygon is built with a full flexibility mindset where you can configure your own views, labels, and import your custom metadata.

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